We design your idea, make it, cost it, give it a website and a pledge video for next to nothing

January 4th, 2013 by Enterprise as a Life

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How It Works

The Overview

So basically, you arrive and explain your idea to us. We then take that idea and work with you to develop it into a product. However, instead of you having to lay out tens of thousands to set up tooling, marketing, logistics, etc, or even giving away huge chunks for you company to investors, we use the Kickstarter crowd sourcing platform to source these funds before you put the product into manufacture.

What is Kickstarter?

In the Kickstarter platform, you’re effectively selling your product before you make it. You upload a your idea in the form of a video and explanation, and ask kickstarter viewers to buy your product from you before you have actually put it into production.

You do this in the form of pledges. Pledges are effectively where you sell your product and/or accessories for your product to Joe Public for slightly cheaper than you expect to sell them when they hit the market. This gives incentive for people purchase the product in advance, and gets you the funds to set up the manufacture.

You have to set a financial goal for your product. This goal should be high enough to cover all your manufacturing and distribution costs as well as the amount needed to cover all the pledges

It’s really win-win, as you get the money to fund your big idea, they buyer gets your awesome product for cheap and way before it comes out in the market, and you lose none of your company in the process. (actually we take a tiny bit, but that is just they way we make it affordable to you)

What you get from us


You get the whole package, if you really want to, you can just kick back you heels and we’ll do it all, but most people with an idea want to be involved at every step, and we advise that! Anyhoo, this is what you get:

The full design:we will take your idea from a concept to a fully fledged design

CAD models:you’ll get the CAD model of you part for both manufacture and prototyping

A 3D printed prototype:Kickstarter requires every pledge to have a prototype. Luckily we have a killer Objet 3D printer in house to make your models.

Pledge forcast:we will work out how much you need to cover you pledges and give you an accurate target

Your pledge video:the most successful Kickstarter project all have a killer video. We’ll definitely give you one of these.

What we get in return


Combined, the elements of the Kickstarter project usually come to thousands if not tens of thousands (we’ve all seen Dragons Den). We ask for three things, these are:

A minimal set up fee:this is more of a sign of commitment from you, rather than a true relfection of the costs it takes to get us there. Prices range from a few hundred pounds upwards, but will be far far less than what you’d normally pay.

10% of the Pledge:We will take 10% of whatever the pledge makes at the end of its timeframe. This percentage is factored into the financial target of the campaign.

10% non-exec stake in the product: once your product is launched, we step back and let you take over. A bit like a mother goose, your gosling product is now out there to fend for itself. We take a 10% share of it, but ultimately you are in control now! Because of this system, we can get you launched for near nothing, and with a minimal loss of you pride and joy.